Break Guild
By: Elly
By: Elly
By: Elly
By: Elly

A server to cater your intense desire for gaming.

Circle of Noble Comrades
A friendly community awaits its future players who will pursue their journey in the world of IntenseRO. Amenable staff and approachable Development team will be available to answer all their inquiries.

On the edge of Midgard’s trends
IntenseRO is set on 150x/150x MID experience rates, 150/70 and 99/70 base-job levels for Third Job Classes and Transcendent Job Classes, respectively. The server is updated up to the Ash Vacuum episode.

A Gamers’ Haven
The server provides showcase features to give its players their best gaming experience. Automated and Hosted events are lined-up with exciting and inimitable concepts. Battle grounds for Player versus Player combats are set on per level category. Separate War of Emperium schedules are situated for Transcendent Job Classes and Third Job Classes.

A Stronghold for Fair-play
A well developed contingent of vigilantes is deployed to prevent irregularities and resolve existing player complaints and issues. Server IP security is always set on its heightened alert status to prevent the server from hacker attacks. Added miscellaneous security feature is also available for players to secure their accounts. No skill and class modifications are made to preserve the game’s original game play.

So hear your call and take the challenge. Gear up, level up and begin to unfold the story of your neverending journey here on IntenseRO.

  • With most updated third jobs/skills
  • Voting System
  • Marriage & Pet system
  • Mini-Games
  • Mid-rate
  • Equipment Mall
  • Level Cap PVP
  • Seperate WOE for 3rd jobs and trans classes!
  • A friendly community